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Andrew Van Buren's parents, Fred Van Buren & Greta. "One of the World's finest & most original illusionists". Fred Van Buren the man whose spectacular illusions have been described as "a 21st Century Miracle".

Fred's ambition to be involved in show business stems from the time he visited a local butcher's shop in Sandbach as a child & noticed a poster of an elephant stuck in the window.

"At first I thought the butcher was selling elephant meat," he laughed, "but after a while I realized it was an advertisement for a circus".

Fred went to see the circus, it made a lasting impression on him. "From that moment on I was bitten by the show business bug!" he explained

Van Buren & Greta Whirlwind Of Magic

Some years later, Fred began work as apprentice to a cabinet maker, with these new skills he started to devise & make his first tricks. Soon he saw the potential of big stage illusions, but he was very aware of one important fact.

If he was going to be successful he was going to have to perform his effects anywhere without luxuries such as curtains & trap-doors. As Fred himself says, "Everything I do has to be performed anywhere, in the middle of a football field - anywhere" He has worked under this theme since the early 1950's.

Van Buren & Greta Dutch Deceptions

As a youngster Fred Van Buren produced & put on his own concert party shows developing various talents, much was learnt from Bob Gandey of Circus fame who took Fred under his wing teaching him the ins and outs of showbusiness, from comedy & trapeze to tricks of showmanship.

During all of this Fred eventually served his national service, still keeping an interest & connection to showbusiness whilst in the army.

He finally took the plunge & turned completely professional working on Gandey's circus in 1954, by now he was presenting a magic act, also performing a trapeze act, clowning & even a dog & monkey novelty act all of which he performed in the circus & outdoor gala carnivals.

In 1955 he met Connie Greta, who started assisting him in the shows. In 1956 they started concentrating on the magic & illusions more. The act really started going places, they repopularised the Houdini illusion Metamorphosis, (substitution trunk) with their breath taking speed.

Working more & more in Theatre & Variety with their "Mystic Baggage" & "Dutch Deceptions" acts, at this time their Agents were Don Ross and Pauline Marks (aunty to Joan & Jackie Collins) in London, later during the 70s they were managed by Albert Saveen (the famous ventriloquist).

By 1960 they were billed 2nd top to comedy star Jimmy James whilst in Skegness, also they were topping the bill at the Hull Palace continental, the newspaper press loved the act with its fresh new approach.

1961 was a momentous year, Fred & Connie Greta were Married just prior to a summer season in Llandudno Wales, November they did their first television which was the BBC show "The Good Old Days" Broadcast live from the City Varieties Theatre in Leeds. Also performing at Brighton Hippodrome with Dorothy Squires as top of bill.

Van Buren & Greta Mystic Baggage

1964 they performed their "Whirlwind of magic" act in Summer season at the Palace Theatre in Douglas Isle of Man with the Dickie Valentine show.

Van Buren & Greta Mystic Baggage Summer Season

During the 1960s there was more & more demand for appearances on television, amongst which was the "TRICKS N NIXON" TV shows, where they made several appearances with David Nixon. Then in 1965 they Worked with comedian Roy Hudd in summer season at Clacton.

Then a massive turning point, Walt Disney commissioned special illusions from Van Buren & Greta. Which they created and performed in the Disney production of "Snow White on Ice", in Wembley Empire pool Arena London for Tom Arnold & Walt Disney, then going on to tour for a further year with the show. The combination of illusions with fire in the ice setting was sensational.

Van Buren Vanishing Motorbike & Rider

1967 Fred and Connie moved out of London to Staffordshire, where they established workshops & store rooms for the bigger illusions that they were creating. During this time they concentrated on cabaret work & private functions in the likes of the larger hotels & venues, Grosvenor house, Dorchester, Edmundo Ros club, Savoy etc.

During this period of time their son Andrew was born. By now Fred was heavily into the inventing & building of new illusions, one newspaper called him "the 21st century magician" with his showmanship & such creations as his Florescent light penetration, the astonishing illusion where a bank of Illuminated Fluorescent Light Tubes visibly pass through a person's body.


Among the most talked about & magical of his illusions is the Houdini Metamorphosis (the substitution trunk illusion) visually transforming into a cascading water fountain garden.

But the ultimate illusion is Van Buren's famous Vanishing Motorcycle & Rider, the only one in the World performed completely surrounded by the audience & regularly featured by Andrew today. Invented in 1976 whilst at the Pavilion Felixstowe in summer season with Windsor Davies & Don Estelle of "it aint half hot mum" fame.
Later that year they were booked by the Magic Circle for their Christmas show.

During the first week of January 1977 for the first time the Vanishing Motorbike was televised in cabaret from Ceasers Palace Luton for the BBC. This unique illusion hit TV & newspaper headlines.

Summer 1977 was a repeat of the Windsor Davies & Don Estelle show at the White Rock Theatre in Hastings where they broke box office records.

Also during 1977 was the Televising of Van Burens Vanishing Motorcycle & rider illusion on The Seaside Special Jubilee show & from Twickenham the last David Nixon show presenting the Fluorescent Light penetration, Little knowing it would be David Nixons last television appearance.

The Vanishing Motorbike illusion was now in so much demand that the act had to get bigger, employing a company of girls to work in the act.

Fred Van Buren Meets HRH Prince Philip

Wanting to prove that all of his illusions could be worked surrounded The Van Buren's then returned to Circus for Christmas 1977 / 78 performed the act with Chipperfields Circus. Another outstanding aspect of Fred's illusions is the fact that he devised & built them all himself.

In 1978 they appeared in Weston Super Mare for the summer season, then they were booked by Lucas car firm to perform at the first motor show in Birmingham with impressionist Mike Yarwood, & the chart topping Nolan Sisters.

Following this they toured Sweden with circus Svenson , again hitting TV & newspaper news headlines with the unique vanishing motorbike illusion. This led on to more top class work on the continent.

Andrew Van Buren Unicycling Act Age 11

During 1979 Fred was invited to appear at the World Congress of Magic "FISM" performing his vanishing motorbike illusion in the Grande Place in Brussels this was televised all around world.

1980 back into Theatre for summer season at the Gaiety Theatre in the Isle of Man. 1980 / 81 toured south America with the Black & White Minstrel show. Then in 1981 a season at Chessington zoo with circus Hassani.

During 1981 their son Andrew teamed up with a Hungarian State Circus artist who taught him the art of Unicycling. This Lead on to Andrew developing an act of his own. Going on to not only tour with his parents, but also to tour his own act.

1982 appearence with the illusions in France with the famous circus show Le Voix Du Nord. 1982 / 83 Christmas circus Kelvin hall Glasgow. Summer 1983 By popular demand a return visit to the Gaiety theatre Douglas Isle of Man. ln 1984 a full seasons tour with Fossetts national circus in Ireland.

1985 & 1986 Short seasons with Bob Gandey's grandson's show (Philip Gandey). Also during this time Fred toured his own full illusion show, which moved & developed from theatre to leisure centres, outdoor gala's & finaly a 3000 seating big top tent, touring until 1992 around the world.

By now Andrew was very well established with his juggling act, also presenting a magic illusion act as a second spot.

Christmas 1992/93 Fred Van Buren presented the illusion show in Wembley Arena along side Gerry Cottles circus fun fair with TV celebrity Jeremy Beadle.

Van Buren Illusion Show Poster

1993 The Van Buren family performed in Blackpool tower circus, for this Fred & Andrew put their heads together to create a new act "ANCIENT & MODERN", Fred & Connie played the part of the old magicians being constantly interrupted by Andrew the young whizz kid illusionist on roller skates, unicycle & finally motorbike, on which he then disappeared, the old timers getting the last laugh.

Over the years Fred has appeared on television programmes throughout the world, most memorable being performances in The Good Old Days, CrackerJack, The David Nixon Show, License for Singing & Dancing, Seaside Special, Arrivals, The Magic Circle International Shows, even advising on the Muppet show, to name but a few.

Andrew Van Buren Levitation

Working with an endless list of stars, celebrities & personalities from Margery Manners to Tommy Trinder, Ken Dodd to Brotherhood of Man, Morris & Cowley to Little & Large, Roy Castle, Billy Cotton, Donald Peers, The Three Degrees, Dorothy Squires, Vince Hill, the list goes on & on.

1997 Fred & Connie officially Retired from performing, although they still have close involvement with the shows, Fred still building props & creating new effects for Andrew, Connie keeping her eye on them both.

Andrew now presents the illusion show, touring the world, as well as performing his juggling plate spinning act, thus keeping the family tradition going into the 21st century.


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