Andrew Van Buren .....................
“one of the biggest names in British Illusionists for many a decade”

Internationally acclaimed magician & illusionist Andrew Van Buren presents a series of different themed & tailored packages of magic illusions & circus skills all tailored to best fit budgets & any event or venue worldwide.

A multi talented & skilled performer Andrew Van Buren is one of the most experienced performers within the speciality act, shows & entertainment showbusiness today. Having been “born in a trunk” he grew up touring with his showbiz family, learning his skills of showmanship & serving an apprenticeship the like of which is rarely achieved

Honoured as a gold star performing member of the Inner Magic Circle & a member of the prestigious showbusiness organisation the Grand Order of Water Rats.

Bringing together the traditional with the modern Van Buren shows are often rebooked & always are entertaining.

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Van Buren & Co, Magic & Illusions.......................

Magician illusionist Andrew Van Buren & Co perform unique magic & illusion entertainment shows & acts to suit all venues from classy intimate cabaret, theatre, circus, luxury cruise ships, corporate events to television & grand scale arenas. The illusions are mainly one off effects designed, built & performed solely by the Van Burens & can even be performed whilst surrounded by the audience – viewing from all angles. From small “miracles” up to grand scale illusions, Van Buren performs a grand array of both traditional & modern illusions including the Worlds only Vanishing Motorbike & Rider completely surrounded.

The magic & illusions can be combined with the juggling, unicycling, escapology & plate spinning skills to form a strong colourful variety show package.

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Andrew Van Buren Plate Spinner expert...................

Plate spinner Van Buren is now recognised as one of the most experienced plate spinners in the World. One of only a few performers using real smashable porcelain & china plates this performance is always a guaranteed attention grabber & ultimate in high speed entertainment & showmanship. With a massive list of television appearances, from spinning plates on TV’s the Money Programme, on music videos, through to being the plate spinner you will have seen on The Generation Game.

The Plate spinning is often presented as part of the Juggling Unicycling & plate spinning variety act. As an additional new variety element to the magic & illusion shows, as a game show task for the contestants, a highly entertaining team building venture or as a sales & lecture aid – each spinning plate represents a key motivational point or illustrating the speakers points, maintaining a balance, several things on the go & even spin doctoring. Who better to illustrate these life & business points than an expert juggler & plate spinner.

Andrew Van Burens plate spinning is always a big hit & talking point, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

Further information can be found at: Van Buren PLATE SPINNING
Or Van Buren juggler page JUGGLING

Van Buren Outdoor show.......................

Created new in 2011 - 2012, after several years performing around the world on luxury cruise liners to entertaining royalty in the Middle East, Van Buren presents Theatre Varietes - a brand new self contained illusion variety show with an entertaining mix magic, illusions, juggling skills, escapology, comedy & audience participation.

With its own art nouveau style theatre with raised stage, all built from a lorry this show brings an high speed classy show full of entertainment to outdoor events, fetes, carnivals, galas & agricultural shows for the May to September season. This really is a unique show for all of the family.

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For maximum experience, professionalism, reliability & above all strong entertainment look no further.

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Andrew Van Buren can be contacted on: or UK office: (+44) 01782 611954